How I realized we are all part of the system

7 janvier 2018 Inspiration

Hi there! Today I’d like to tell you more about the reflection behind this blog and the reasons that made me want to change my buying behaviour. I would like to share with you  I hope it will help you better understand the content of my future posts and most importantly understand the effects fast fashion has on workers of the garment industry and on our planet and environment in general. So to begin with a simple fact; I’ve alwaysRead More

2018 – We can do better than this

1 janvier 2018 Inspiration

Hi guys! On this very first day of 2018 I am very glad to release this very first post! 2018 has just started and as usual, a new year is the opportunity to take a fresh start. It is the opportunity to actually change. It is time for everyone to stop dreaming and start doing. Care more, do more, give more, read more, and travel more. For me 2018 is a chance to launch this blog and start changing. I’veRead More