How I realized we are all part of the system

7 janvier 2018 Inspiration

Hi there!

Today I’d like to tell you more about the reflection behind this blog and the reasons that made me want to change my buying behaviour. I would like to share with you  I hope it will help you better understand the content of my future posts and most importantly understand the effects fast fashion has on workers of the garment industry and on our planet and environment in general.

So to begin with a simple fact; I’ve always loved fashion. For years now, I’ve been reading fashion magazines, websites and blogs, following instagram accounts and scrolling down my favorite brands e-shops. Back in 2015, as many other girls my age, I used to go shopping every week. I was literally obsessed with fashion (and actually, I still am), always looking for the latest trends and it-pieces of the season. The truth is, I was spending way too much, way too often, on clothes I would barely wear two or three times, if not at all. At some point, I had so many clothes and shoes in my closet that I was sometimes ashamed to tell my relatives about my new purchases: that is the moment I realized something was wrong and started wondering what and why.

It took me a long time then to realize that not only was my buying behaviour totally unsustainable for my own wallet and wardrobe, but also for the environment and our planet. In hindsight, I understood the mechanism I had previously been stuck in, which I summarized as follows:

  1. Scrolling down instagram, facebook or blogs where I would spot a trend promoted by influencers (no better word to describe their job): an off-shoulders top or dress, a neoprene bikini or a pair of colorful stretch boots, …
  2. A growing obsession for the item slowly driving me crazy about it, looking at dozens of eshops to find the perfect piece.
  3. Once found, a long hesitation considering the price, the existing items in my closet and my bank account, knowing deep down that it is not a reasonable purchase to make but also picturing me with it and, oh damn, how good I would look in it!
  4. Finally buying it with relief after feeling really bad about it for a day or two.
  5. In most cases, wearing it a few times in the next 3 weeks before going back to step 1 and never wearing it ever again.


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